For Venue Bookings
We have the perfect ambience for all your parties and your corporate gatherings. For more information give us a call and our representatives will be contacting you to plan it for you.

Birthday Parties

Those special moments in an ambience that will be etched in your memory forever. Far more than just a special day, Birthdays is a celebration of a unique you. We have the perfect ambience for making it a memorable one !

Kitty Parties

It is a confluence of ideas, thoughts and stories - a friendly occasion for a woman to meet with her peers and enjoy life in its wholesome. We have gone the extra mile to ensure you have the right mix for the gathering.


Corporate Gathering

Our high class venue is suitable for any kind of corporate gatherings and VIP function. Eatery guarantees the assistance of a friendly staff, and the facilitation of any special needs you require to have your corporate gatherings.